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U.S. Department of Transportation/Federal Highway Administration

Work Zone Data Initiative 

Work Zone Event Data (WZED) is the “what,” “where,” and “when” of work zone activities. FHWA’s Work Zone Data Initiative (WZDI), launched in 2017, is an effort to enable easier sharing and application of WZED across the country. To facilitate collaboration, this page provides more information on WZDI and includes resources such as presentations and program materials.

This page also includes information on the USDOT’s Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx) project, a multi-agency collaborative effort, focused on making travel safer and more efficient through ubiquitous access to work zone activity data. Current efforts are focused on jumpstarting the voluntary adoption of a basic work zone data specification, which enables infrastructure owners and operators to make harmonized work zone data available for third party use. Longer term, the project aims to get data on work zones into vehicles to help automated driving systems (ADS) and human drivers navigate more safely.
About the WZDI

Find quick background information about the WZDI project.

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WZDI Implementation Toolkit

Access resources to help generate buy-in and understand how to identify and implement an appropriate, agency-specific approach for work zone data management.

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About the WZDx

Find quick background information about the WZDx project.

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WZDx Demonstration Grants

Get information on this planned funding opportunity.

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Technical Resources

Access a range of draft products that provide direction for effective work zone management in the next generation of transportation operations.

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Agency Work Zone Data System(s)

Learn more about the conceptual architecture that supports a wide range of data uses during planning and design, active operations, and post-work zone performance analyses.

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Case Studies and Factsheets

Learn more about the Work Zone Data Initiative through case studies and factsheets.

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Peer Exchanges, Site Visits, and Workshops

Find resources from recent WZDI peer exchanges, demonstration site visits, and workshops.

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Resources from Recurring WZDI Pilot State Meetings

Find notes from our monthly pilot state meetings as well as related resources.

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Recently Added Documents
For more information, please contact Todd Peterson, FHWA Work Zone Management Team Transportation Specialist and Project Manager for the WZDI, at​.​​​