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U.S. Department of Transportation/Federal Highway Administration
Helps practitioners formulate and follow clear, consistent approach towards assessing the effectiveness of TMP strategies.
Guidance on implementing project coordination in the planning, design, and delivery phases of projects. Summarizes key steps for successful implementation using a systematic approach to meet a specific set of clearly defined objectives.
Guidance for DOTs to consider how TMC resources (staff, data, and tools) can be used to support all stages of a work zone, providing examples of where these resources are used today.
Describes possible WZ performance measures, and provides guidance to help agencies select and implement measures that make sense for their own work zone programs.
Intended to assist practitioners in determining how to select and compute useful WZ performance measures, given the data sources available to them.
Assesses the potential for probe data to support work zone performance measurement programs.
Identifies WZ performance measures to target, data needed to compute measures, and methods to obtain that data.
Best practices in WZ assessment, data collection, and performance measurement, and how these practices are used to ensure safety and minimize congestion in work zones.