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This portal is dedicated to promote exchange of information in Transportation and Economic Development among practitioners and professionals in the field. The purpose of this portal is to facilitate the exchange of experience, lessons learned and other relevant information to promote better decision-making, spark innovation, speed technology transfer, and better meet the needs of our customers and partners.
Participation is open to everyone. The sites are generally viewable by everyone, but you must register for any of them if you wish to post content.  Some of the sites are open for general collaboration and professional networking, while other require approval by a site administrator. 
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The objectives of this project were to (a) conduct an exploratory review of current understanding of the links between transportation and the health of the economy, taking into consideration recent international and domestic trends, (b) assess gaps in current understanding, and (c) outline a proposed design for a multi-phase program of economic research to clarify the importance of continuing transportation system investment in the United States economy. The ultimate goal of this larger program will be to inform decision makers at national, regional, state, and metropolitan levels as to the synergies and tradeoffs with regard to economic growth embodied in funding and financing surface transportation systems.