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The Performance Measurement of Freight and Private Sector topic area focuses developing performance measures that gauge whether transportation systems are meeting the growing demand for freight movement.  This topic area also focuses on how public agencies can obtain data from the private sector and/or reuse measures that have already been developed by the private sector. Public transportation agencies at all levels of government are increasingly exploring or developing performance measures to monitor how well their transportation systems are meeting the needs of private sector freight users. Identifying performance measures (with supporting data) that can be influenced by the public sector and are meaningful to  private sector freight users is one of the biggest challenge public transportation agencies will face when attempting to measure freight performance. Travel times, travel rates, congestion costs and delay times at freight bottleneck areas are examples of measures being used/considered by transportation agencies to monitor freight performance. This forum is intended to provide an opportunity to share experiences (successes and failures) on developing freight performance measures, obtaining supporting data, and articulating performance results to users.  

 Archived Discussions

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(UPDATED) The abuse of ranked performance measures01/22/2004 10:48 AMCrystal Jones
Difference of State and National Level Freight Performance Measures11/22/2004 10:44 AMBruce Lambert

 Archived References

Florida DOT's 2004-2005 Short Range Component and Annual Performance Report.3/3/2006 1:03 PMCrystal C Jones
Back-Loading ( A Freight Movement Best Practice)3/3/2006 12:46 PMCrystal C Jones

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