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Welcome to the Environmental and Sustainability Measures group. This discussion board is intended to provide a forum for practitioners that are interested in performance measurement issues specifically related to environmental and sustainability concerns. The purpose of the forum is to share knowledge, experiences, and research with one another. Environmental and sustainability issues related to transportation are of great importance and performance measures can help transportation agencies address concerns in these areas. We hope you make the most of this opportunity to share your ideas, successes, and even your failures so that we can all benefit from our collective experiences.

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 Archived References

Technical Report - Sustainable Transportation Performance Measures 5/18/2009 11:11 AMTara Ramani
Performance Measurement for Context Sensitive Solutions 10/23/2007 12:57 PMBrian Bochner
Sustainability Issues 9/8/2006 11:10 AMChristy Jeon
Understanding and Applying the Concept of Sustainable Development to Transportation Planning and Decision-Making in the U.S.5/9/2006 11:06 AMTodd Litman
Heavy Traffic Ahead: Car Culture Accelerates (Sustainability & Transportation)4/13/2006 11:28 AMJosias Zietsman / Meghan Wieters
Can a Sustainable Transportation System Be Developed for San Antonio, Texas4/13/2006 10:53 AMJosias Zietsman/ Meghan Wieters
Travel, Emissions,and Welfare Effects of Travel Demand Management Measures3/14/2006 12:54 PMRobert A Johnston
Method of Obtaining Consumer Welfare from Regional Travel Demand Models3/14/2006 12:52 PMRobert A. Johnston
Sustainable Transportation Performance Measures for Developing Communities2/7/2004 12:03 PMJoe Zietsman
Measuring Transportation: Traffic Mobility and Accessibility1/8/2004 6:42 PMJoe Zietsman

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