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 MSAR Information

Mobile Solution for Assessment and Reporting

Mobile Solution for Assessment and Reporting (MSAR)
Home & Support Site
The Mobile Solution for Assessment and Reporting (MSAR) application (app) is a cloud-based information system used to collect and report post-disaster transportation information.  It is an enterprise tool that enables the integration of mobile device technology, online forms, dashboard reporting, Geospatial tracking, offline map viewing & reporting, and corporate workflow.  The solution has two primary components and leverages integrated user-authentication for process stakeholders at the federal, state and local levels.  The mobile device portion of the solution is for field personnel who are deployed to a disaster site immediately following the event and are responsible for collecting and reporting initial damage assessment data to decision-makers in real-time.  The app is specifically targeted for inspection teams that need to perform tasks including but not limited to:  creating inspection reports, viewing spatial data, planning inspection routes.  The second component consists of a Data Portal and repository for submitted data, disaster reports, photos, etc. that can be used by team leads and management to assess damage and make timely decisions on how to support the impacted areas. 
Through MSAR and other similar technologies, FHWA saw the need for, and seized upon the opportunity to provide, an automated solution that helps people, communities and transportation organizations begin to recover following devastating disasters.  Instead of using the traditional paper process to complete a damage assessment under the Emergency Relief and Emergency Relief for Federally-owned Roads Programs, stakeholders can leverage mobile technology to greatly improve response time, situational awareness, and data integrity.  that a more efficient way of Assessing and Reporting on roadway damage sites after a disaster was needed.  Instead of using the traditional process to complete a damage assessment, stakeholders will be able to leverage mobile technology to reduce response time, improve situational awareness, and increase data integrity.  The forms targeted for process change are the Damage Survey Report (DSR) used by ERFO and the Detailed Damage Inspection Report (DDIR) used by Federal Aid (Emergency Relief (ER) program).
MSAR Maintenance
MSAR will be undergoing maintenance on Tuesday June 12,  8:00 pm -10:00 pm ET. To avoid any connectivity or data issues, please refrain from accessing the MSAR system during this time.  We will send out a notification when the update is complete.


MSARV2- Release Note6/5/2018

Updated Warning and Rules of Behavior

New on June 12, 2018
There are two key updates in MSAR related to the Warning and Rules of Behavior (ROB) displayed in MSAR:
1.       The content of the Warning and Rules of Behavior has changed.  Please familiarize yourself with the new content as you use the application.
·         You will find the updated content on the Portal:
·         You will find the updated content on the mobile apps under <Home – Term of Use>
2.       You will now be prompted to accept the Rules of Behavior every year.
·         We are required to prompt you to agree to the Rules of Behavior yearly, and we are required to capture the date on which you accepted them.
·         Everyone will be required to accept the Rules of Behavior (ROB):
                                                               i.      First-time users will be prompted upon login.
                                                             ii.      Users that accepted the ROB last year will be prompted to renew their acceptance the next time they login after July 1st.
·         It’s very simple, when it’s time to renew your acceptance, we will display the Rules of Behavior and you will have the option to Accept or Decline them.  If you select Decline you will be unable to login to MSAR.
NOTE:  As a part of this release, you will be prompted to accept the Rules of Behavior

Windows 10 MSAR App

New on June 12, 2018
We are releasing the Windows 10 version of the MSAR app. This new app has the same features as the Windows 8.1 app (i.e. off-line data capture, camera, photo upload, etc.) as well as the new features listed in this Release.
·         You may download the MSAR Win10 app from the Microsoft App Store simply by connecting with a device running Windows 10.
·         If you do not have access to the Microsoft Store, you must contact your Help Desk.

GPS Accuracy Indicator

New on June 12, 2018
Our field users requested the ability to gauge the accuracy of the GPS coordinates provided by the device.  MSAR pulls the latitude and longitude directly from the device, or the location selected by the user when clicking <Launch Map>. While some devices have GPS chips, other devices rely on internet access for location services, which are not very accurate.
On the MSAR mobile app, you will see the GPS Accuracy Indicator when you click on <Use Device Coordinates>.  It may take your device a few seconds to get a lock on satellites, but when it does, you will see the accuracy indicator to the left of the coordinate field.  These indicators are only available on the mobile app.
MSAR has received a high accuracy result (<= 65 meters) from the device within 20 seconds of the request.
MSAR has received a high accuracy result (between 65 – 85 meters) from the device within 20 seconds of the request.
MSAR has received a low accuracy result (> 85 meters) from the device or the GPS coordinates are older than 20 seconds.
NOTE:  If you click on <Launch Map> the GPS Accuracy Indicator will be removed from screen.

Mobile App Version

New on June 12, 2018
We have made it easier to identify the mobile app version installed on your device.  Simply follow the instructions below on your device.
iOS Devices
·         Click on <Settings> and enter “MSAR” in the search box. 
·         Click on the “MSAR” list entry
·         Click on < Settings – Apps – Application Manager >
·         Click on “MSAR” and the version is displayed under the app name
·         Launch the MSAR mobile app
·         From the Home screen, click on <Support>
·         The version number is displayed under the support link.

New Fields for Reporting

New on June 12, 2018
The following fields have been added to the MSAR portal to simplify reporting.  If you currently use List Views or Reports, you may want to update the filters to use one of the fields below.
This field is displayed on the Event record and it allows you to associate the event with a specific program: 
·         ER – used by State and Local agencies to request Federal Aid through the ER Program
·         ERFO – used by FLMAs to request Federal Aid through the ERFO Program.
·         Test – used to designate events created for Training purposes.
·         Other – Select this option if none of the others apply.
License Group
There are several stakeholders that have purchased licenses to MSAR, and FHWA needs a better way to associate users to the licensing groups.

Supported Browsers and Devices

New on June 12, 2018
We are updating the list of supported browsers and devices:
·         Browsers  Click on this link for the most updated list
·         iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) running iOS 11 or later
·         Android smartphones and tablets running OS 5.0.3 or later
·         Windows 10 devices
·         Windows 8.1 surface Pro 3 tablets – will be sun setting support for Windows 8.1 on July 1, 2018

MSAR Fixes

New on June 12, 2018
We have included the following fixes in this release:
1.       Google Maps - Google requires an update to the API key to render the Google Maps on the portal.  All visualforce pages displaying maps are impacted
2.       Permissions Error Generating PDFs: Users with the DOT Program Executive – SSO profile reported issues generating the PDF reports from DDIR and DSR records. 
3.       Field display on New DDIR page: The New DDIR now displays a label instead of a field for “Environmental Assessment Recommendation”
TLS1 Upgrade3/22/2017

Salesforce is disabling Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0  on July 22, 2017 at 9:30 AM PDT.

Please review this Important Notice for more information.

Training Videos Available6/30/2016

​Training Videos are now available within the MSAR Media Library.

FHWA Administrator Nadeau briefed on MSAR Pilot6/13/2016

Greg Nadeau was briefed on the MSAR technology Pilot.  The briefing explained the challenges of the existing business process and highlighted how the MSAR technology integration would transform the workflow of the Emergency Relief program.

MSAR test release to Federal Aid Office in Texas to assist with Flooding4/18/2016

​After 7 months of development the a beta version of the MSAR application was released to aid in the collection of data regarding flooding in Houston Texas area.




Support for the MSAR application will include the use of a website, an email inbox (, and support representatives.  As part of required training users will be informed of the MSAR support website that can be used to resolve issues quickly.  This site has links to a restricted access website that users may request access to if they desire additional collaboration.  This restricted website provides users a forum where they can submit question or comments on any aspect of the MSAR application or one of its related workflows. This will be moderated by MSAR technical support representatives who will be notified as new content is added.
In addition to the support website, users in need of technical support will need to submit requests to the MSAR support inbox.  This can be done through some simple links that have been added to the mobile application and the portal.  This inbox will be monitored by MSAR technical support representatives regarding functionality of the MSAR application should review the following checklist before submitting issues to the MSAR support inbox.
All users should:
1.      Visit the MSAR Application Support Page
2.      Take the user training for the MSAR application
3.      Review the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list
4.      Review the supported platform list
5.      Review the MSAR tips and tricks list
6.      Review the known issues list
7.      Review the user forum for suggested work arounds or official comment (closed site access)
8.      Understand that if you are in the field and cannot resolve issues with the application default back to the legacy paper process and contact support when possible.
9.      Understand the information that should be provided when using the MSAR support inbox. ( A Form might be developed for this)(Not all information is required but please try to provide as much as possible)
a.      All requests should include a name and contact phone number (please supply the number used for business)
b.      Mobile Device Application Issues/Comments
i.          Include the make and model of your device
ii.          The Operating System (if possible)
iii.          Relevant screen shots of any errors you may experience
iv.          Brief description of the problem
c.      Portal Issues/Comments (Sales Force portal)
i.          The Operating System of the Device
ii.          Type of Browser and version number
iii.          Brief description of the problem
d.      Workflow Issues/Comments
i.          Name of Workflow – DSR or DDIR
ii.          Relevant screen shot of issue or a description
iii.          Brief description of issue
iv.          Suggested change to workflow
Technical support teams will be manned by workflow owners.  They will evaluate each request and work to determine the right course for resolution.  This may include a simple email to the user with basic instructions, more advanced one on one training on issues within a workflow to make sure they are using the tool correctly, and, in some cases, bug reporting to the Run Consulting for resolution.  The group will be responsible for scanning the website forums, and support inboxes as needed.
DSR/DDIR Workflow
Users must request access to use the DSR/DDIR workflow via their respective ER (Emergency Relief) division coordinator.  The division coordinator is responsible for authorizing user access to the MSAR application.  Prior to account creation users must take training on “How to use DSR/DDIR” workflows to ensure data integrity and proper use.
Any emergencies should be escalated to the users ER\ERFO Division Coordinator who will then escalate to the Federal Coordinator if needed. 

 Emergency Relief Coordinators

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 YouTube Training Videos


 Training Videos


​Training sessinons have been developed for the MSAR Pilot.  Please provide feedback to if you have issues or suggestions with the content. 

Training has been broken down for both the ER and ERFO programs.

MSAR Pilot - ER End User Training Part 1

MSAR Pilot - ER End User Training Part 2

MSAR Pilot - ER End User Training Part 3

MSAR Pilot - ERFO End User Training Part 1

MSAR Pilot - ERFO End User Training Part 2

MSAR Pilot - ERFO End User Training Part 3


 MSAR Field User Guide

2017 0216 MSAR Field Users Guide.pptx
10/3/2017 4:03 PMNo presence informationMayorga, Sergio (FHWA)
2017 1011 MSAR Field Users Guide_DDIR.pptx
10/24/2017 1:39 PMNo presence informationMayorga, Sergio (FHWA)

 Supported Browsers and Devices

Supported Browsers and Devices


  • We are updating the list of supported browsers and devices:
    ·         Browsers  Click on this link for the most updated list
    ·         iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) running iOS 11 or later
    ·         Android smartphones and tablets running OS 5.0.3 or later
    ·         Windows 10 devices
    ·         Windows 8.1 surface Pro 3 tablets – will be sun setting support for Windows 8.1 on July 1, 2018

 Tips & Tricks


​Most mobile devices allow users to perform a screen capture similar to one performed on a desktop computer.  Rather than use the print screen function on a desktop, each manufacturer typically has a simple method for performing this function.  Usually this is a two button combination followed by an audible indicator that the screenshot has been performed.  Please consult with your manufacturers website for instructions.


​Install and open the app while you have a Wi-Fi connection to ensure everything is loaded correctly.


​Before you depart for field activities please verify that the voice to text feature is enabled on your mobile device.  This will allow you to dictate the text for each field.


​If you are in an area that has poor cellular/data reception you may wish to use airplane mode to reduce battery consumption.  Poor cellular/data signals may cause mobile devices to continually searh for signal and consume a significant amount of battery power.


​Taking pictures with the MSAR application will optimise the size of pictures and emboss the report number, GPS location, and date/time stamp on each photo. This can be particularly usefull to determine exactly where a photo was taken on the site.


Each record is assigned to the person who authenticates to ​portal.  It is important to make sure that records are submitted befor a person logs off or data could be lost.


You can use the "Upload All" feature to submit records to the data portal.  It is recommended that Wi-Fi be used to speed up the process and reduce the burden on the devices data plan.​


 Known Issues




The MSAR mobile application is supported on Android, Apple, and Microsoft mobile products. Please see the Supported Devices tab within this site.


The application can be downloaded by the public at any time.  However, access to use the application must be granted by an ER coordinator who can authorize a request for software use.​


​Your emergency relief coordinator can be found on the List of ER coordinators page within this site.


 Contact Details


If you have any questions about this site, please contact:

Sergio Mayorga 

Vagas Goss

​To request access to the closed portion (personalized support) of this site, please contact the site owners displayed above.

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