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WELCOME to the Federal Highway Administration’s online discussion board for livable communities.
The Livable Communities Discussion Board is an online public forum for users to participate in discussion threads and engage with colleagues on questions and ideas related to livable communities. The site is an online community of practitioners in public, private, and non-profit agencies and organizations at the local, State, and Federal levels, who are interested in helping communities provide more transportation choices, encourage access to good jobs and affordable housing, support quality schools, and promote safer streets and roads. Participants come from a range of fields, including transportation, land use, housing, environment, and economic development.
Register here to post questions and contribute to the discussions. Examples discussed may be considered for possible case study topics as part of the FHWA's Livable Communities case study series
For more information about the Federal Highway Administration's initiatives related to livable communities, please visit ​ or contact Shana Baker at or Dan Goodman at
To suggest a new topic, please contact Rachel Strauss at ​ The Federal Highway Administration reserves the right to determine the discussion topics selected for use.


arrowClimate Change and Livability
arrowCommunity Impact Assessments
arrowComplete Streets
arrowContext Sensitive Solutions
arrowEconomic Competitiveness and Livability
arrowFreight and Livability
arrowFunding Methods
arrowHUD-DOT Location Affordability Portal
arrowNondiscrimination / Title VI / Environmental Justice
arrowOperations and Maintenance
arrowPerformance Measures
arrowPlanning and Environmental Linkages
arrowPublic Involvement
arrowPublic Transportation
arrowRecreational Access
arrowRegional Partnership Efforts
arrowRegulatory Support
arrowResearch Needs
arrowRural Livability
arrowTools and Technology
arrowTransit-Oriented Development
arrowTransportation and Health
arrowTransportation and Land Use Connections
arrowVisualization / Scenario Planning
arrowWalking and Bicycling

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 Recent Links

Visit FHWA's Livability website to learn more about current efforts and activities.
Check out the work being done by the Partnership for Sustainable Communities.
Learn about the Federal Transit Administration's livability activities.
View factsheets about a range of livability topics, including transportation and its connections to safety, health, and land use.

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