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Seminar Start Date:

12/21/2017 1:00 PM

Seminar End Time:

12/21/2017 2:00 PM


Attendee Information
Email Address
Sara.Perez@dot.govNo presence informationPerez, Sara (FHWA) FHWAConnecticut
hannah.needleman@dot.govNo presence informationNeedleman, Hannah (FHWA) District of Columbia
wynter.eddington@dot.govNo presence informationEddington, Wynter (FHWA) HAMS District of Columbia
No presence informationNoizet, Jihan (FHWA) FHWADistrict of Columbia
dominic.drdla@dot.govNo presence informationDrdla, Dominic (FHWA) FHWAMichigan
james.graves@dot.govNo presence FHWADistrict of Columbia
R.Wayne.Fedora@dot.govNo presence informationFedora, R.Wayne (FHWA) FHWAVirginia
Matthew.Corrigan@dot.govNo presence informationCorrigan, Matthew (FHWA) FHWA-HIFDistrict of Columbia
Carin.Michel@dot.govNo presence informationMichel, Carin (FHWA) OTS-KMMaryland
Melissa.Habeck@dot.govNo presence informationHabeck, Melissa (FHWA) FHWASouth Dakota
G.Vadakpat@dot.govNo presence informationVadakpat, Govindarajan (FHWA) FHWAVirginia
Patrick.DeCorla-Souza@dot.govNo presence informationDeCorla-Souza, Patrick (FHWA) HINDistrict of Columbia
Steven.Jessberger@dot.govNo presence informationJessberger, Steven (FHWA) FHWA - HPPIDistrict of Columbia
Julie.Alderton@dot.govNo presence informationAlderton, Julie (FHWA) FHWAMichigan
jeff.withee@dot.govNo presence informationWithee, Jeff (FHWA) FHWADistrict of Columbia
Ted.Aldieri@dot.govNo presence informationAldieri, Ted (FHWA) FHWAConnecticut
Sandy.Talbert-Jackson@dot.govNo presence informationTalbert-Jackson, Sandy (FHWA) OTS-Resource CenterMaryland
Ken.Coelho@dot.govNo presence informationCoelho, Ken (FHWA) MA DivMassachusetts
Carlos.Figueroa@dot.govNo presence informationFigueroa, Carlos (FHWA) FHWA Office of InfrastructureDistrict of Columbia
vidya.mysore@dot.govNo presence informationMysore, Vidya (FHWA) FHWA Resource CenterGeorgia
miguel.caro-rodriguez@dot.govNo presence informationCaro-Rodriguez, Miguel (FHWA) FHWA ArkansasArkansas
sandra.kramer@dot.govNo presence FHWANorth Dakota
Trinette.Ballard@dot.govNo presence informationBallard, Trinette (FHWA) FHWAFlorida
Corey.Bobba@dot.govNo presence informationBobba, Corey (FHWA) HIFDistrict of Columbia
julia.tessier@dot.govNo presence informationTessier, Julia (FHWA) FHWA-Division OfficeAlabama
Michael.Caliendo@dot.govNo presence informationCaliendo, Michael (FHWA) FHWA ID DivisionIdaho presence informationRogers, John (FHWA) FHWALouisiana
leanne.davis@dot.govNo presence WFLHDWashington
Sue.Petracek@dot.govNo presence informationPetracek, Sue (FHWA) FHWA-NENebraska
Nathaniel.Coley@dot.govNo presence informationColey, Nathaniel (FHWA) HIFDistrict of Columbia
Laura.Britton@dot.govNo presence informationBritton, Laura (FHWA) FHWAIndiana
Connie.Long@dot.govNo presence informationLong, Connie (FHWA) FHWA, WYDivWyoming
patricia.beals@dot.govNo presence informationBeals, Patricia (FHWA) FHWAWashington
Chris.Dipalma@dot.govNo presence informationDipalma, Chris (FHWA) USDOTWashington
christopher.vasquez@dot.govNo presence informationVasquez, Christopher (FHWA) CFLColorado
Bethaney.Bacher-Gresock@dot.govNo presence informationBacher-Gresock, Bethaney (FHWA) FHWAWisconsin
jim.shurbutt@dot.govNo presence informationShurbutt, Jim (FHWA) FHWADistrict of Columbia
daniel.brown@dot.govNo presence informationBrown, Daniel (FHWA) FHWAIllinois
Esther.Strawder@dot.govNo presence informationStrawder, Esther (FHWA) fhwaDistrict of Columbia
Daniel.Brodhag@dot.govNo presence informationBrodhag, Daniel (FHWA) FHWA - OHOhio
Shirley.Thompson@dot.govNo presence informationThompson, Shirley (FHWA) Office of Safety (HSA)District of Columbia
blanca.loya@dot.govNo presence informationLoya, Blanca (FHWA) FHWA - EFLVirginia
mike.pina@dot.govNo presence informationPina, Mike (FHWA) ITS JPODistrict of Columbia
Phillip.Boinske@dot.govNo presence informationBoinske, Phillip (FHWA) EFLHDVirginia
patricia.pacheco@dot.govNo presence informationPacheco, Patricia (FHWA) FHWA NY DIVNew York
Richelle.TAKARA@dot.govNo presence informationTakara, Richelle (FHWA) FHWA Hawaii DivisionHawaii
No presence informationRyder, Roger (FHWA) FHWA PA DivisionPennsylvania
Shana.Baker@dot.govNo presence informationBaker, Shana (FHWA) FHWADistrict of Columbia
vontra.giles@dot.govNo presence informationGiles, Vontra (FHWA) FHWAIllinois
andrew.emanuele@dot.govNo presence informationEmanuele, Andrew (FHWA) FHWA Minnesota
Matthew.Carr@dot.govNo presence informationCarr, Matthew (FHWA) FHWADistrict of Columbia
Eduardo.Arispe@dot.govNo presence informationArispe, Eduardo (FHWA) FHWA Office of Safety R&DVirginia
Brian.Nevins@dot.govNo presence informationNevins, Brian (FHWA) FHWAMissouri
Stephen.Ratke@dot.govNo presence informationRatke, Stephen (FHWA) FHWA - TXTexas
eileen.acosta@dot.govNo presence informationAcosta, Eileen (FHWA) FHWAArizona presence FHWADistrict of Columbia
patrick.kirby@dot.govNo presence informationKirby, Patrick (FHWA) FHWAVermont
michelle.andotra@dot.govNo presence informationAndotra, Michelle (FHWA) HCC-SOGeorgia
Terrence.Beltz@dot.govNo presence informationBeltz, Terrence (FHWA) FHWA MinnesotaMinnesota
paul.lafleur@dot.govNo presence informationLaFleur, Paul (FHWA) FHWAIowa
maria.ousley@dot.govNo presence informationOusley, Maria (FHWA) FHWA, CFLColorado
melissa.corder@dot.govNo presence informationCorder, Melissa (FHWA) FHWADistrict of Columbia
Sabrina.David@dot.govNo presence informationDavid, Sabrina (FHWA) FHWATennessee
susan.lehman@dot.govNo presence informationLehman, Susan (FHWA) FHWAMinnesota
kelly.kennedy@dot.govNo presence FHWAIndiana
lisa.applebee@dot.govNo presence informationApplebee, Lisa (FHWA) FHWAIdaho
heather.dylla@dot.govNo presence informationDylla, Heather (FHWA) FHWADistrict of Columbia
Amy.Jackson-Grove@dot.govNo presence informationJackson-Grove, Amy (FHWA) FHWA CTConnecticut
jay.springer@neciusa.comNo presence informationjayspringer Northern Engioneering and ConsultingMontana
There is no one on the waiting list for this seminar.