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(SR500A) Anti-Harassment Coordination Pilot Program for FHWA Managers and Supervisors

Seminar Start Date:

1/31/2018 3:00 PM

Seminar End Time:

1/31/2018 4:00 PM


The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the Harassment Coordination Pilot Program and its procedures to FHWA Managers and Supervisors.

Attendee Information
Email Address
latdavanh.reese@dot.govNo presence informationReese, Latdavanh (FHWA) FHWADistrict of Columbia
Emily.Lawton@dot.govNo presence informationLawton, Emily (FHWA) fhwaSouth Carolina
wanda.hughley-culbertson@dot.govNo presence informationHughley-Culbertson, Wanda FHWAOhio
Jessie.Yung@dot.govNo presence informationYung, Jessie (FHWA) VA Division OfficeVirginia
Sandra.Otto@dot.govNo presence informationOtto, Sandra (FHWA) Western Federal Lands DivisionWashington
Mike.Ivey@dot.govNo presence informationIvey, Mike (FHWA) FHWAMichigan
Arlene.Kocher@dot.govNo presence informationKocher, Arlene (FHWA) FHWA, DivisionMinnesota
Maiser.Khaled@dot.govNo presence informationKhaled, Maiser (FHWA) FHWACalifornia
JohnDon.Martinez@dot.govNo presence informationMartinez, JohnDon (FHWA) Division Office New Mexico
simons.latunde-addey@dot.govNo presence informationLatunde-Addey, Simons (FHWA) FHWAAlaska
Lamin.Williams@dot.govNo presence informationWilliams, Lamin (FHWA) DivisionCalifornia
Juli.Huynh@dot.govNo presence informationHuynh, Juli (FHWA) HCFDistrict of Columbia
Daniel.Mathis@dot.govNo presence informationMathis, Daniel (FHWA) WA DivisionWashington
No presence informationBrown, Jennifer (FHWA) FHWA - AZ DivisionArizona
Janice.Osadczuk@dot.govNo presence informationOsadczuk, Janice (FHWA) fhwaIndiana
Brian.Hogge@dot.govNo presence informationHogge, Brian (FHWA) FHWA-ALAlabama
No presence informationSimkins, John (FHWA) Virginia DivisionVirginia
Bindu.Johnson@dot.govNo presence informationJohnson, Bindu (FHWA) fhwaTexas
Barbara.Bauer@dot.govNo presence informationBauer, Barbara (FHWA) DFS WestColorado
David.Winter@dot.govNo presence informationWinter, David (FHWA) HPPIDistrict of Columbia
No presence informationKern, Stephen (FHWA) HPIPDistrict of Columbia
brigitte.mandel@dot.govNo presence informationMandel, Brigitte (FHWA) FHWAUtah
Robert.Clark@dot.govNo presence informationClark, Robert (FHWA) FHWA-NJNew Jersey
christopher.long@dot.govNo presence informationLong, Christopher (FHWA) fhwaCalifornia
felicia.james@dot.govNo presence informationJames, Felicia (FHWA) Hepe-20District of Columbia
Christopher.Lawson@dot.govNo presence informationLawson, Christopher (FHWA) District of Columbia DivisionDistrict of Columbia
Shana.Baker@dot.govNo presence informationBaker, Shana (FHWA) FHWADistrict of Columbia
ryan.o'donoghue@dot.govNo presence informationO'Donoghue, Ryan (FHWA) FHWADelaware
kara.magdaleno@dot.govNo presence informationMagdaleno, Kara (FHWA) FHWA-CA DivCalifornia
John.Ballantyne@dot.govNo presence informationBallantyne, John (FHWA) FHWA-KYKentucky
matthew.hake@dot.govNo presence informationHake, Matthew (FHWA) DOT-FHWA-VermontVermont
Susan.Wimberly@dot.govNo presence informationWimberly, Susan (FHWA) FHWA WA DivisionWashington
Joey.Hartmann@dot.govNo presence informationHartmann, Joey (FHWA) Office of Bridges and StructuresDistrict of Columbia
mary.zimmerman@dot.govNo presence HPLDistrict of Columbia
Gabe.Rousseau@dot.govNo presence informationRousseau, Gabriel (FHWA) fhwaDistrict of Columbia
Beth.Alicandri@dot.govNo presence informationAlicandri, Beth (FHWA) HSADistrict of Columbia
Valeriya.Remezova@dot.govNo presence informationRemezova, Valeriya (FHWA) FHWANew Jersey
Susan.KLEKAR@dot.govNo presence informationKlekar, Susan (FHWA) FHWA Division OfficeNevada
Mary.Ridgeway@dot.govNo presence informationRidgeway, Mary (FHWA) FHWADelaware
No presence informationLehmann, Debbie (FHWA) FHWA-WA Division OfficeWashington
Ken.Jacoby@dot.govNo presence informationJacoby, Ken (FHWA) Office of InfrastructureDistrict of Columbia
No presence informationMooney, Robert (FHWA) FHWADistrict of Columbia
jennifer.brown@dot.govNo presence informationBrown, Jennifer (FHWA) FHWA AZArizona
pamela.woodruff@dot.govNo presence informationWoodruff, Pamela (FHWA) fhwaDistrict of Columbia
There is no one on the waiting list for this seminar.