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(SRFreight) Talking Freight: Good Practices in MPO Freight Planning


Seminar Start Date:

12/20/2017 1:00 PM

Seminar End Date:

12/20/2017 2:30 PM


Freight transportation planning has become more prominent at all levels of government, including the metropolitan region level, in recent years as freight transportation volumes have grown, freight transportation delivery patterns have diversified, and freight transportation policies, such as the FAST Act, has been implemented. Metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) of all sizes have been taking steps to improve their freight planning initiatives. Some of these steps have included developing regional freight transportation plans, creating and convening regional goods movement committees that include public and private sector representation, examining and better understanding regional freight transportation flows, and identifying freight generating land uses within their jurisdictions. Larger MPOs with more staff and resources in particular have been able to implement various initiatives that have broadened the state of the practice in MPO freight planning, but smaller MPOs have also been able to increasingly integrate freight transportation into their MPO transportation planning initiatives through noteworthy practices, despite their more limited staffing and resources. This webinar will examine good freight transportation planning practices being conducted by three large or medium-sized MPOs around the United States.

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State DOT, Field Office, HQ, private sector and MPOs


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***IST ONLY*** This seminar room is part of the 500-seat Talking Freight license.
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