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Seminars : (SR500A) Value Capture Strategies: Tax Incremental Finance Districts & Transportation Reinvestment Zones

Seminar Details
Seminar Host:

No presence informationBishop, Thay (FHWA)


(SR500A) Value Capture Strategies: Tax Incremental Finance Districts & Transportation Reinvestment Zones

Seminar Start Date:

9/24/2020 1:00 PM

Seminar End Time:

9/24/2020 3:00 PM




On September 24th, 2020, the Federal Highway Administration EDC-5 Value Capture Implementation Team will hold Value Capture Strategies: Economic Development Tools virtual peer exchange.  The program will feature experts who have successfully implemented Tax Incremental Finance Districts and Transportation Reinvestment zones to share their experiences.
Are your state/local transportation agencies looking for new and innovative funding sources to help pay urban, suburban, and rural public roads as well as spur economic development & redevelopment? Do you know which economic development tools are available to fund transportation infrastructure projects to attract new development or retain businesses to your community?  Do you need infrastructure to accommodate your communities’ anticipated growth or assistance in implementing Incremental Growth Techniques?  Come to the Value Capture Strategies peer exchange on September 24th, 2020 to learn how Value Capture Strategies can help your state and local authoriites.
 Value Capture Incremental Growth Strategies enable the states and locals to invest in transportation infrastructure and other improvements and pay for them by capturing the future increase in property tax revenues generated from the new development and economic activities.  Lacking funding, communities across the nation are ill prepared to meet the crises of infrastructure investment such as deteriorating infrastructure, rapid growth, urbanization, climate change, and many others.   Value Capture strategies can be a reliable and sustainable transportation gap funding tool.  It also helps local governments in a variety of economic development goals, including job creation, growth in property values, and protection of the local tax base.    
TARGET AUDIENCE: Metropolitan and Rural Planning/Programming Organization, States, Cities, Counties, Townships, and Tribal Transportation Professionals.  Anyone involved in development or administration of the Value Capture Program Elements

Target Audience & Presenters:

OST,FHWA Executive Leadership Team,State DOT,Field Office,HQ,City, County, Township, Tribe, & MPO


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