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No presence informationandrea.kirk@dot.govNoNo-First-RequestYes761Completed
No presence informationjemellowYesYesNo7/8/2019 12:00 AM760Completed
No presence informationKrumich, Aimee (FHWA)YesYesYes7/1/2019 12:00 AM755Completed
No presence informationCorrigan, Matthew (FHWA)YesYesYes7/1/2019 1:00 PM753Completed
No presence informationRemezova, Valeriya (FHWA)YesYesYes7/1/2019 1:00 PM757Completed
No presence informationWinter, David (FHWA)YesYesYes7/1/2019 1:00 PM758Completed
No presence informationJohnston, Julie (FHWA)NoNo-First-RequestYes756Completed
No presence informationLowry, Sara (FHWA)YesYesYes6/10/2019 1:00 PM750Completed
No presence informationChisholm, Kara CTR (Volpe)YesYes6/10/2019 1:00 PM754Completed
No presence informationMason, DJ (Volpe)NoNo-First-RequestYes752Completed
No presence informationColeman, Charity CTR (VOLPE)NoNo-First-RequestYes751Completed
No presence informationlily.kwok@dot.govYesYesYes6/22/2016 1:00 PM748Completed
No presence informationKessler, Morgan (FHWA)YesYesYes5/20/2019 1:00 PM736Completed
No presence informationangiskim90NoNo-First-RequestYes747
No presence informationGeorgi, Kayce CTR (FHWA)YesYesYes5/6/2019 12:00 AM746
No presence informationGao, Lubin (FHWA)YesYesYes5/6/2019 12:00 AM655
No presence informationXu, Guan (FHWA)YesYesYes5/6/2019 12:00 AM716
No presence informationWojcik, Michael (FHWA)YesYesYes1/14/2019 12:00 AM663
No presence informationKowalczyk, Michael (FHWA)YesYesYes10/31/2016 12:00 AM704
No presence informationPoon-Atkins, Christy (FHWA)YesYesYes6/11/2018 12:00 AM744
No presence informationHogan, Kara E (FHWA)YesYesYes1/14/2019 12:00 AM745
No presence informationPickett, Nikisha (FHWA)YesYesYes4/29/2019 1:00 PM719
No presence informationamanda.waterman@dot.govYesYesYes4/1/2019 12:00 AM723
No presence informationSicay, Denver (FHWA)YesYesYes4/1/2019 12:00 AM733
No presence informationReovan, Andrew (VOLPE)YesYesYes4/1/2019 12:00 AM737
No presence informationCahill, Patricia CTR (Volpe)YesYesYes4/22/2019 1:00 PM735
No presence informationFodera, Daniel (FHWA)YesYesYes4/15/2019 12:00 AM734
No presence informationAllen, ElisaYesYesYes4/16/2019 3:00 PM649
No presence informationBishop, Thay (FHWA)YesYesYes4/1/2019 12:00 AM738
No presence informationZaharewicz, Jeffrey (FHWA)YesYesYes3/25/2019 1:00 PM718
i:05.t|addot|meseret.lemma.ctr@dot.govYesYes3/25/2019 12:00 AM730
No presence informationFogle, Angela (FHWA)NoNo-First-RequestYes722
No presence informationSikirica, Maria.CTR (FHWA)YesYesYes3/12/2019 12:00 AM717
No presence informationLamb, David (FHWA)YesYesYes3/12/2019 12:00 AM657
No presence informationSnyder, Kayce CTR (FHWA)YesYesYes3/12/2019 12:00 AM713
No presence informationHaltrecht, Mandy (OST)YesYesYes3/12/2019 12:00 AM715
No presence informationMcCoy, Kevin (VOLPE)YesYesYes3/12/2019 12:00 AM711
No presence informationHogan, Scott (FHWA)YesYesYes3/12/2019 12:00 AM712
No presence informationLewis, Deanna CTR (FHWA)YesYesYes3/11/2019 12:00 AM714
No presence informationTriantafell, Eleni (FHWA)YesYes2/11/2019 1:00 PM708
No presence informationHoldcroft, Gabriela (FHWA)YesYesYes7/25/2016 1:00 PM684
No presence informationCarpenter, MaryAnn (FHWA)YesYesYes10/30/2017 1:00 PM702
No presence informationSymoun, Jennifer CTR (FHWA)YesYesYes2/11/2019 1:00 PM703
No presence informationDeSimone, Anthony (FHWA)YesYesYes7/16/2018 1:00 PM707
No presence informationHurst, Sharon CTR (FHWA)YesYesYes2/4/2019 1:00 PM706
No presence informationToye, Richard (OST)NoNo-First-RequestYes705
No presence informationMaldonado, Jomar (FHWA)NoNo-First-RequestYes688
No presence informationHilary, Michelle (FHWA)NoYesYes686
No presence informationGroudine, Candace (FHWA)NoYesYes685
No presence informationFurlong, Melissa (FHWA)NoNo-First-RequestYes683
No presence informationHelton, Tony (FHWA)NoNo-First-RequestYes682
No presence informationEberhard, Carolyn CTR (FHWA)YesYesYes11/4/2016 12:00 AM681
No presence informationJodoin, Paul (FHWA)YesYesYes11/2/2016 12:00 AM680
No presence informationCawley, Bryan (FHWA)YesYesYes11/10/2016 12:00 AM679
No presence informationCramer, Elizabeth A (FHWA)YesYesYes1/23/2017 12:00 AM678
No presence informationcathy.satterfieldYesYesYes1/23/2017 12:00 AM677
No presence informationBird, Matthew (FHWA)YesYesYes12/18/2017 12:00 AM676
No presence informationNoizet, Jihan (FHWA)YesYesYes1/8/2018 12:00 AM675
No presence informationLeno, Angela CTR (FHWA)YesYesYes1/11/2018 12:00 AM674
shelley.marshall@dot.govYesYesYes3/5/2018 12:00 AM673
No presence informationLong, Connie (FHWA)YesYesYes2/26/2018 12:00 AM672
No presence informationClarke, Justin (FHWA)YesYesYes4/23/2018 12:00 AM671
No presence informationRousseau, Gabriel (FHWA)YesYesYes4/9/2018 12:00 AM670
No presence informationSoden, Derek (FHWA)YesYesYes5/7/2018 12:00 AM669
No presence informationJohnson, LaToya (FHWA)YesYesYes5/7/2018 12:00 AM668
No presence informationCline, Eric (FHWA)YesYesYes10/11/2018 12:00 AM667
No presence informationBrown, Noni (FHWA)YesYesYes7/16/2018 12:00 AM666
No presence informationShelton, Masha CTR (FHWA)YesYesYes8/30/2018 12:00 AM665
No presence informationColey, Nathaniel (FHWA)NoNo-First-RequestYes654
No presence informationJones, Kathy (FHWA)NoNo-First-RequestYes656
No presence informationWilliams, Ben (FHWA)NoNo-First-RequestYes662
No presence informationStrocko, Ed (FHWA)NoNo-First-RequestYes661
No presence informationBoone, Adriene (OST)NoNo-First-RequestYes653
No presence informationBaumer, Paul (OST)NoNo-First-RequestYes652
No presence informationBallard, Trinette (FHWA)NoNo-First-RequestYes651
No presence informationAlquist, William (FHWA)NoNo-First-RequestYes650
No presence informationLongstreet, Will (FHWA)NoNo-First-RequestYes658
No presence informationRue, Lloyd (FHWA)NoNo-First-RequestYes659
No presence informationShaw, Jeffrey (FHWA)NoNo-First-RequestYes660