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WELCOME to Re:NEPA - the Federal Highway Administration's online "community of practice". This site supports and encourages the open exchange of knowledge, information, experience, and ideas about the National Environmental Policy Act, related environmental issues, and transportation decisionmaking. The goal of Re:NEPA is to provide additional opportunities to explore the transportation decisionmaking process through discussion, research, assistance, and education that is directed toward a better, streamlined and solution oriented process for balancing transportation need and the social, economic, cultural and natural environment.

Please direct all questions and comments about Re:NEPA to Rod Vaughn, 303-204-1685 or Noel Mehlo, 202-578-7487.
For additional information about the Project Development Process, go to FHWA's Environmental Review Toolkit.
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EJ and NEPA Guidance 12-16-11.pdf
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