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NEPA analysis w/ footprint change


We are preparing an EIS and are currently reviewing the administrative draft of the DEIS. For the last five years we analyzed impacts for many (too!) five to ten mile long, new alignment, 250' ROW, controlled access, build alternatives.  We have even identified a 'preferred alternative", with the caveats that go with that. Two lanes would be constructed initially, as a "super 2", one barrel of the four-lane version and reserve the remaining ROW, building out the other two lanes when needed.

We are just now considering a much reduced footprint to around 100' ROW and to a lower standard, a two-lane arterial, rural rolling to reduce costs.

With this proposed reduction in footprint, what happens now? We most certainly need to revise the admin draft to some extent given this change, at least the impact analysis as impacts will be substantially reduced, in some cases by more than one-half. Do we revisit any previous alternatives that were dismissed (not being carried forward for further consideration)? Do we need to step/look back? How far?

Thoughts on this one? Examples?


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NEPA Process and Documentation

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